Friday, February 24, 2006

Google's doublespeak

Google has posted its testimony in US House committee on international relations on their official blog. I am kind of disappointed with their response to the committee. They sound so much like microsoft in their response.

This is the same google which will post maps of Indian defense installations in Google earth even though it is illegal to take those pictures. The maps of defense installations do not have anything to do with the freedom of speach crap. While in china because chinese government can arm twist them more, they would even agree to censor words like democracy.

Anyway it is their company, they are like another big US corporation who will do anything to increase their profits. "Don't be evil" was fine till the time it was making them money, now censoring is making them money.

This acceptance of google is just an eye opener for all the governments in the world that they can just ban google from their country and then google would accept all their demands.

May be this is the time to get a new search engine, Yahoo was no. 1 for 5-6 years, I think time is up for google. May be the next search engine should be hosted out of denmark.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

��सा �ि �प सब �ानत� ह�� �ि पि�ल� दिन�� सलमान �ान �� �ु� �ि��ार�� �� मारन� �� �पराध म�� द�ष� पाया �या। म�र� हिसाब स� यह ��्�� बात ह� �ि �ा�� दिन�� बाद �िस� �म�र �दम� �� स�ा मिल�। �स�� बाद म�र� न�र �स �र्�ि�ल पर �य�। श्र�मान �म�द ��. मार�� �ा �हना ह� �ि �ब त� सर्व��्� न्यायलय सलमान �ान �� द�ष� नह�� पाता �िस� �� �सपर ��� व�्तव्य नह�� द�ना �ाहिय�। �स�� पढ �र मुझ� ल�ता ह� �ि श्र� मार�� �� शायद �स बात �� �ान�ार� नह�� ह� �ि सलमान �ान �� द�ष� पाया �ा �ु�ा ह�।

श्र� मार�� सलमान �� समर्थन म�� �स हद त� �ा �ु�� ह�� �ि व� ऐस� बहुत सार� �दाहरण द�त� ह�� �िसम�� स�ा नह� हु� �र यह बताना �ाहत� ह�� �ि सलमान �� भ� स�ा नह�� ह�न� �ाहिय�। पता नह� �्य�� व� �स मामल� म�� भारत�य �नता पर्�� �� �्य�� ल� �य� ह�।
��र हम �्या �र स�त� ह� बस सलमान �� व� ए� �ाना बहुत महँ�ा पडा।

What has Google become

Here is some more news in google saga. Google used to claim that it is democratic and does not censor. It even had an entry in its help desk which looked like as follows.

In last few days, it has been changed to as follows.

Now when google claims that its services will remain free always, who can trust them. Tomorrow for some more dollars they can make their services paid, like gmail.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

भारत�य म�डिया �� पास �ब वा�� �ु� भ� नह�� ब�ा ह�। �ल रात म� रा�द�प सरद�सा� �पन� नय� ��नल म�� �स बात �� �र्�ा �र रह� थ� �ि र�� द� बस�त� ��स� �स द�श म�� ���लाब लाय��� �र �� सार� ��बार �र ��व� ��नल �स बाल� म�� बहुत मशर�� ह�� �ि �भिष�� �र एश्वर्या शायद शाद� �र स�त� ह�। �स बात �� पुष्�ि �िस� भ� न� �ह� ह�। फिर भ� ��व� ��नल �स बात �� बारबार द�हरा रह�� ह�।

��र मान भ� ल�� �ि यह बात शायद स� ह� त� भ� म�र� �्याल स� यह �स स्तर �ा समा�ार नह�� ह� �ि �स�� दिन भर बार बार द�हराया �ाए।
�� दिन भर ��व� ��नल�� पर यह बात �� �ा रह� थ� �ि मुलायम सि�ह यादव ए� त�सरा म�र्�ा बनान� �ा रह�� ह� �� �ि य�प�ए �� सर�ार �� �िला� स�सद म�� �विस्वास प्रस्ताव ल� �र �ए�ा �र ��द्रबाब� नायड� न� �स प्रस्ताव �� समर्थन द�न� �ा ��सला �िया ह�। यह ��द्रबाब� वह� ह�� �� �ि एनड�ए �� सर�ार �� पाँ� साल त� बाहर स� समर्थन द�त� रह� थ� �र �िन�� मुलायम सि�ह "�म्मुनल ��र्स�स" �हत� रहत� थ�।

��र म�र� सम्स्या ��द्रबाब� �ा वह व�्तव्य ह� �� �ि �न्ह�न� मुलायम सि�ह स� वार्ता �� बाद म�� दिया �ुसम�� �न्ह�न� �हा �ि भारत �� �रान �� �िलाफ व�� �सलिय� नह�� द�ना �ाहिय� था �्य���ि भारत म�� �ाफ� सँ�्या म�� मुसलमान ह��। �ब म�र� समझ म�� यह नह�� �ता �ि �न द�न�� बात�� म�� �्या स�ब�ध ह�।

��सा �ि म��न� पहल� भ� �हा ह� �ि �रान पा�िस्तान �� साथ �णवि� हथियार�� �� बार� म� मदद �रता रहा ह� �र पा�िस्तान �ा �णवि� �ार्य�्रम सिर्फ भारत �� प्रति दुश्मन� स� प्र�रित ह�। म�रा त� यह मानना ह� �ि भारत सर�ार �र मानन�य मनम�हन सिह� �स मामल� पर द�श �� हित म�� ह� फ�सला ल���� �र �स� सर�ार �� �णवि� मामल� म�� समर्थन नह�� द���� �� �ि भारत �� सबस� बड� दुश्मन �� साथ मिल�र �णवि� हथियार बना रह� थ�।

Iran saga continues

It seems today Chandrababu Naidu met Mulayam Singh Yadav and I caught a snippet of Chandrababu's statement after he came out of discussions with Mulayam Singh Yadav. I don't remember verbatim what he said but it seemed like he was claiming that India should have supported Iran on nuclear issue because India has a large Muslim population.

Also during the day, communists were going all around talking about putting the government in the dock in parliament over the Iran issue.

As I have posted earlier in my blog that I think India's vote on Iran issue was right and in national interest because of two reasons apart from the issue of nuclear energy cooperation with US.

  • If we vote in favor of Iran it makes our position untenable regarding our own nuclear status
  • Iran and Pakistan were cooperating in there nuclear program and I don't need to say that the sole reason for pakistan's nuclear program's existence is to use it some day against India.

I was doing some googling on this issue and I saw this article. I am quoting a paragraph from this article.

In an interview with CNN while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Musharraf said that it appeared Pakistani scientists might have sold nuclear secrets abroad for personal gains, but reiterated Islamabad's position that there was no official involvement. In PakistanÃ?Â?s covert nuclear programme which was given great autonomy and freedom some Pakistanis might have done it. Pakistan has begun questioning its nuclear scientists, including the father of its atomic bomb, Abdul Kadir Khan, after the U.N. nuclear agency began investigating possible links between the Pakistani and Iranian nuclear programmes. The investigation, launched in November, would be finished in "a few weeks", Musharraf told CNN.

I understand that
  • Chandrababu Naidu wants UPA government to fall so that he can become outside support to NDA
  • Mulayam Singh wants UPA government to fall so that he can save his chair in UP
  • Communists want UPA government to be in trouble because that way their chair in WB is secure, anyway they never cared about country otherwise they would not be blocking development of 30-50 crore indians for the sake of 2-3 crore government employees and blocking every economic policy initiative that aims at growth in employment levels.

What I fail to understand though, why is congress being so stupid. Why can't they just say enough is enough, go to hell and go for elections or let communists form the government with outside support from BJP. If they think they are doing decent job then people would elect them back otherwise they do not deserve to be in power anyway.

I have never seen in my life, opposition and parties supporting government worrying so much about foreign policy.

Thursday, February 9, 2006


Today I kind of had an accident on Airport Road. I was coming back from BEL colony with my wife, daughter and another friend driving on left corner of the road and one enfield bullet can from my left side with very high speed. He was trying to overtake me but did not have space between my car and kerb. Completely hosed the left side of my car. I think fender would have to be redone.

Fortunately not very series injury. He also agreed that he did not want any hassles and would let me know the bill for fixing his bike which I would have to pay. It was 12:30 at night so I said fine. Let's see how it goes.

Monday, February 6, 2006

म�र� �म्युनिस्��� स� ��� नि�� दुश्मन� नह�� ह� पर �स सप्ताह �न�� सिवाय �र ��� ऐसा �ाम ह� नह�� �र रहा हय �िस पर म�� ��� व�्तव्य �र��। �ब �स �बर �� ह� ल��िय�, पता नह�� �न�� �रान स� �तना प्र�म �्य�� ह� �या ह�। �हाँ त� मुझ� समझ �ता ह�, भारत �� पास �रान �� �िला� व�� द�न� �� लिय� �ा�� �ारण ह�� �� �ि भारत �� राष्�्र हित म�� ह��।
  • à¤?रान à¤?ाà¥?à¥? दिनà¥?à¤? सà¥? पाà¤?िस्तान à¤?à¥? साथ à¤?णविà¤? रिसर्à¤? à¤?र रहा हà¥? à¤?र à¤?िसà¥? à¤?à¥? à¤?स बात मà¥?à¤? सà¤?दà¥?ह नहà¥?à¤? हà¥?ना à¤?ाहियà¥? à¤?ि पाà¤?िस्तान à¤?à¥? à¤?णविà¤? रिसर्à¤? à¤?à¥?वल भारत à¤?à¥? à¤?िलाà¥? हà¥?। डा. à¤?ादिर à¤?ा à¤?णविà¤? तà¤?त्र à¤?रान à¤?à¥? साथ à¤?ाà¥?à¥? à¤?ाम à¤?र रहा था।
  • à¤?रान à¤?à¥? à¤?ाà¥?à¥? à¤?रà¥?बà¥? दà¥?श (रà¥?स, à¤?à¥?न) नà¥? भà¥? à¤?रान à¤?à¥? à¤?िलाà¥? वà¥?à¤? दिया हà¥?।

पि�्ल� सप्ताह �� मामल�� �� द��न� �� बाद त� मुझ� ल�ता ह� �ि �म्युनिस्� दल �स बात स� �ा�� भयभ�त ह�� �ि भारत स��्�्व�यर �� �्ष�त्र म�� ��न स� �ा�� ��� न नि�ल �ाय� �र �स लिय� �िस� भ� तरह स� यह �ाहत�� ह�� �ि भारत �� �िस� तरह स� ��न स� प��� र�ा �ाय�। �ब ��न म�� रहन� वाल� �न�� मस�हा ह� स्वत�त्र विद�श न�ति नह�� �पना पा रह�� ह�� त� भारत ��र �पन� भल� �� न�ति �पनाता ह� त� �न�� �्या समस्या ह�। ��र हम �्या �र स�त� ह��, सिर्� ��रल �र ब��ाल म� रहन� वाल� भारत�य ब�धु ह� हमार� र�्षा �र स�त� ह��।

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Airport authority responds

Here is a comments that I received on my post regarding airport privatization from Airport Authority employees. It was posted in wrong thread.

Due to lack of a fair dialogue amongst the stakeholder, we face such grim situations. Many employee were badly brusied in the lathi charge.

Do visit

If Privatization is the mantra for all evil , then do investigate how many airports in the world are truly privatized & who is their management team.

Singapore , South Africa airports are managed by a professional dedicated Airport professionals . Why not in India ?

Ok, I give it to them that privatization is not an answer to everything. But I would have supported them if they had done same strike 5 years ago claiming that based on projections air traffic is going to increase manifold and government of India needs to modernize the airport. They never did that. Even the work that should be done by them (like cleaning the toilets etc) they do not do properly. In delhi airport you don't even get a chair to sit. In such conditions how can we expect them to modernize the airport. The fact is that airports need to be modernized because neither the government establishment (and that includes AAI) not capable of doing it nor they are interested in doing it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Google and china

Further to my post about google's capitulation to chinese government. Here is the version of their images search engine results from chinese government approved google for string "tinanmen square".

Here is the version that is returned by the world wide portal.

God bless India

Hot news today is that central government has decided to award airport modernization contract to coupld of private parties. As soon as the news is out, the employees of airport authority of india are on agitation path led by sitaram yechyri and co. He is saying that AAI should be asked to modernize the airports. Now I don't understand who was stopping AAI to modernize the airport all these years. Forget modernization, they were not even cleaning up the toilets, customer service is a distant dream.

I can only hope and pray that our able citizens in the West Bengal would defeat these morons in election and teach them a lesson. But then that could just be a dream also.
�� �� ता�� �बर ह� �ि दिल्ल� �र मु�ब� हवा��ड्ड�� �� �धुनि���रण �� लिय� ���द्र सर�ार न� द� नि�� ��पनिय�� �� �ुना ह�| �स�� सुनत� ह� स�ताराम य���र�, ड� रा�ा �र �न�� �म्युनिस्� बन्धु सड़��� पर � �य� �र �ब य� ल�� �ाहत� ह�� �ि हवा� �ड्डा प्राधि�रण ह� �न हवा� �ड्ड�� �ा �धुनि���रण �र�| �न ��ल �� दुश्मन�� �� यह ��न समझाय� �ि �तन� साल�� त� �न सर�ार� �र्म�ारिय�� �� ��न र�� रहा था �पना �ाम �रन� स�| यहा� त� �ि हवा� �ड्ड�� �� सफ़ा� त� नह�� �रत� ह�� य�ह ल��| वामप�थ� दल �भ� भ� यह स��त� ह�� �ि य� सर�ार� स�स्थान �र्म�ारिय�� �� सुविधा �� लिय� बनाय� �य�� ह��| भ�वान भला �र� �स द�श �ा, म�र� त� दिल� �ु�ारिश ह� म�र� ब��ाल� ब�धु�� स�, �स द�श पर दया �र�� �र �न ��ल �� दुशमन�� �� ��ल� �ुनाव म�� हरा द��|