Friday, February 20, 2009

More signs of recession

Lately as you move around, you see more and more signs of recession and when a top MNC can't afford to pay even for signages, you know that cost cutting is in full force.


Just so that people don't think I am making this up, here is the photo with more context.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Aero India 2009

I went to Aero India 2009 airshow. Following is a set of pictures from there. I would say it was really amazing.

Aero India Slide Show

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My really old comb

I blogged about my geyser that blew up, since it really did not do much damage except the fact that there is smoke everywhere, I would not have bothered too much about it. But what is really sad that it destroyed my 15 years old comb. I know it is just a comb but I had it for 15 years. :-)

My geyser blew up

Six years ago I bought geysers with plastic casing. I was sold that as a high end product because it is more safe and works longer.

Today when I turned it on, it just blew up. Now geysers can blow up for many reasons and I don't think that itself is a huge issue (apart from the fact that it can hurt somebody, which it did not in my case), the geyser body caught fire.

The plastic started burning and very soon whole bathroom and bedroom was full of smoke.

I am sure there was some short-circuit but the power went off within a minute of me powering on the geyser so the there was no chance of persistent sparks that might have aggravated the fire. What is really surprising to me is the ease with which the geyser was burning.
Now I am thinking that may be the old style metal body geysers are better, atleast they would not catch fire and become an inferno in themselves.
Some more photos down below.



Monday, February 9, 2009

What is modi upto

Gujarat chief minister has a strong fan following among some of the Indian who seem to see him as the savior against everything. But I don't seem to understand what does modi want to achieve by his utterances on Mumbai terror attack. First he went on to say that Pakistan position on terrorists is justified.
Pak capitalises on Modi's 'Kasab' jibe
Then he goes on to say that there might have been people in India who are involved in these attacks.

26/11 wouldn't have taken place without internal help

Now I can allow for the fact that both these assertions may be true but at a time when the government of country (whether one likes it or now) is trying to force pakistan in acting against terrorists, what is the point of contradicting the line of government. Talk about working on narrow political gain.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ideology and Political Parties

I sincerely believe that in democracies, ideologies of political parties has not role to play. I would like a party to rule that just believes in ruling and that is its only ideology. Only such a political party would be scared of the voters. Anytime it does something that majority of people don't like, they can let it be known that they would vote against the party because of that issue and it is very likely that the government would not take that action.

Take for example a party that has a ideology, if they really believe in that ideology, they would take actions that match that ideology and even be willing to sacrifice the government. Now as we know, in most of the democracies, the government is hardly voted with more than 50% voters, there is a very good chance, after coming to power they would do things that most of the voters don't agree with. I think that is non-democratic.

So, If you ask me, vote for a party that has no ideology.