Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sun and Google

I don't seem to get the media bytes that are generated by everything that google does. I agree that they are pioneers in internet searches but some of the media interest of late has been bordering irrational exhuberance.

See this Google and Sun Team up , from what I can understand that Sun has agreed to have google toolbar available as download with java virtual machine. Now my point is what is earth shattering about it so that it should make news.

But anyway may be I did not understand it fully.

Saturday, October 1, 2005

My new PHB

As I shared in one of the earlier posts that my PHB has quit and become country manager in some other company. For a while I thought it was a good news. Now I realize that it is not the people who have problem but the position that is a problem.

My new PHB is turning out to be much worse. He acts just as a postman and acts as a store and forward message transfer agent. Only problem being that he stores the message till the one day before deadline.

I suppose this is why they call it Kaliyuga. Must be my karma.