Saturday, July 30, 2005

Advertising and the uselessness

I am sitting in the advertising management class and wondering that this seems to be a business that exists just for itself. I don;t think anybody buys because he looks at the advertising. It is like you create advertisment, if people buy something inspite of the advertisement you claim that it is successful.

Now the guy is claiming that because of him the low rise jeans are successful in India. I personally think that the jeans are successful because of stupidity of people buying them rather than anything to do with advertising.

Now I am bored enough to not even write it.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Random thoughts about Sun Micro and Linux

I never understood what did Linux Torvalds did to good old powers that be in sun micro. They are trying to do what richard stallman could not do. They are trying to claim that they are anti-linux but not anti-open source. It is really beyond me how can people with all the information could be so lacking in common sense.

Anyway, neither of them pay me anything, so I really don't care.

Curiosity about bangalore

It seems bangalore is being dug up now-a-days. Everywhere you go , a bunch of JCB's digging up bangalore. I am curious, where is the earth that is taken out going. Somebody told me that such earth is sold. Who is buying it and why. Eventually he would go around digging it anyway.

My phb has quit

In January of 2005 when I started my blog, I was extremely pissed at my then boss for generally messing up with my head at that time.

Finally he has quit and going to some startup. MY bosses' boss broke the news and claimed that the boss has done great service to the company.

Now I am waiting for a new boss to show up. Let's see how the life goes on after the man departs.