Monday, November 28, 2005

What has happened to linux promise

Every now and then we hear a promise about Linux being technically able to replace windows on desktop. I have a feeling that all these efforts start but become subdued after a while. For example I have not seen any great movement in KDE development in last 6-9 months that has added significant functionality.

I would like to seem one of the big ones like IBM putting significant money on the table in development in window managers and see that things move ahead.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Autos and dashed white line

This is what I have believed for a very long time and I think now is the time that this should be put in statute. Actually if I ever become premier of my country I am going to pass a law to legalize this.

I think the dashed white line on roads is not for lane dividing but for the middle wheel of Indian Auto rickshaws. I also think that a middle wheel should be provided in four wheelers (actually five wheelers) so that they can properly align themselves with the dashed line.

India not safe, Australia tells folks

Here the biggest joke that I heard after a long time.

Australia has issued a travel advisory to its citizens not to visit India in the wake of reports that terrorist attacks are likely to take place there in â??the next few daysâ??â??.

Does anybody really care about what does australia think.

Oracle and its acquistion spree

I would like somebody to explain the strategy of oracle to acquire companies. It seems they are just acquiring that they can lay their eyes on. I was still trying to understand the fit between oracle and iFlex and I saw this news.

Have they run out of ideas in their original business or there is really a fit. May be somebody would stumble upon this post and explain that to me.