Thursday, April 19, 2007

MP Katara suspended by BJP

Here is an interesting news, I am not sure why somebody at that level would resort to something like this.
Katara, who represents Dahod in the Lok Sabha, was detained by immigration officials when they found out that the woman who was traveling along with him on his wife's passport was one Paramjeet Kaur and not his spouse Sarada Ben.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

म�� व�स� त� नव��त सि�ह सिद्ध� �ा ��� �ास ��न नह�� ह�� पर �� �न�� ए� व�्तव्य �� सुन �र म�ा � �या।
ब� स� स� �� �� न��र� �रना �र ब�दर न�ाना ए� ह� बात ह�।

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Lost some posts

I accidentally messed up the wordpress database and could only restore something that is 25 days old. Hence I have lost some of the posts that I did not last few weeks. I will try to repost these but let's see how successful I am.

Update: I have since, recreated all these posts, thanks to caching by google reader.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

IIT Students' political party

Around a year back we heard of some ex-IITans forming a political party with a difference, but this party like the other party with a difference has also turned out to be a joke. Read this. They are already undergoing splits etc.

�र�ब सवा साल पहल� यह �बर �� थ� �ि ������ �� �ु्� �ात्र�� न� ए� रा�न�ति� दल बना लिया था। �स समय म��न� �स�� बार� म�� �स ब्ला� म�� लि�ा था। �न ल���� स� �ु� त� �म्म�द थ�। पर �न ल���� न� ��� �ाम �रन� �� ब�ाय� रा�न�ति� दल�� �� बुर� बात�� पहल� स�� ल��। �स समा�ार �� द��िय�। �न�ा दल �भ� �ह�� �ुनाव म�� ल� त� नह�� पाय, �न�ा ��� �ार्य�्रम भ� �भ� त� म��न� नह� द��ा �र �न�� दल �� �ु��� ह� �य�। �ब बहुत �ल्द� ��� �बर �ए�� �ि �न्ह�न� �िस� ब�� दल स� समझ�ता �र लिया ह�।