Monday, March 26, 2007

Total Lunar Eclipse in March 2007


Here is an interesting photo with multiple exposures of total lunar eclipse that I took. I thought it came out well.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The cricket world cup and Indian people

So finally the cricket world cup is over, for Indian atleast it is. I feel so happy that I did not get sucked into joining the bandwagon of people who wanted to fly to Caribbeans or buy a 52� plasma TV to watch the world cup or get a satellite connection.

Now what I fail the understand is the reaction of Indian fans. Ok, so we lost the world cup. It is not that we are a country of people who excel in everything. We are mediocre at best. Look at our great software Industry, it fixes bugs for rest of the world and survives by wage arbitrage and we call ourselves IT superpower.

I have also not seen anybody burning the effigies of hockey players, I think they are loosing matches of all variety since last couple of decades. Now people are saying that we should bring the young team out. Where is this young team?

Anyway, enough about cricket. I think I can watch F1 peacefully. There is no India so no need to feel bad. May the best driver win.

Remedies for Indian Cricket Team

You can't help talking about cricket. So I again went to our trusty stats guru. How bad is really tendulkar. How bad is he compared to himself and how bad is he compared to his peers. The first chart is the life record of all the Indian players and here you can see that there is really no comparison. He has won around 50% of all the matches he has played. Only player who is higher then that number is Yuvraj Singh. The other criticism of Tendulkar has always been that he does not play for team. His average is higher when India wins. He has scored more percentage of centuries in the matches that he won compared to matches that he lost. life-record The other argument that I have heard is that he was ok but last one year he has not been performing well. To a large extent this criticism is true, but it seems none of the top batsmen in last one year have been doing well. If you see record of all the top batsmen, (other than Ganguly) they have been performing much worse in last one year. Now only common factor in last one year was the coach so I would go ahead and blame that on coach. Something went awry in last one year that all our top guns stopped performing. oneyear-recordThe last chart just compares all these players� records for life vs. last one year and you can see apart from Ganguly all of then have deteriorated in last one year. players-life-vs-last-one-year So my verdict for Indian team, fire chappel and everything will alright.

A really stupid robber

Here is one interesting story of a really stupid robber. He goes into an ATM and steams the CCTV camera while the camera records him.
The video recording showed the accused had entered the ATM twice, first for a recce and later to commit the crime. ââ?¬Å?We became suspicious when we saw the accused more interested in the camera at the corner of the room than performing any banking related task during his first visit. He entered the ATM counter again, 15 minutes later, wearing a cap to hide his face and removed the camera, the SP said. However, police had no problems identifying the culprit as he has used his credit card to enter the ATM.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Motorola Launches ROKR E6 in India

Here is an interesting Ad from Motorola that was launched today coinciding with the crucial world cup cricket game. I would say among the mobile phone ads, this one ranks pretty high.
Tell me how do you like it.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Google's innovative hiring


Here is an interesting thing that I saw. Google had put-up a road show at the popular Bangalore mall (Forum) with a huge banner which said "We are hiring". This is something new in India. Let's see how people like it. Click on the photo to see a slightly better one.

Unknown Indian is billionaire No 4, shocking news!!

Rs 35,000 crores of wealth, 10 Swiss Bank accounts plus what's still not known! Have the I-T and Enforcement Directorate sleuths bumped into who could possibly be one of the top five richest Indians or the fourth richest man in India?

He is probably just one of the many.

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Yahoo apologizes to Indian housewife | InfoWorld | News | 2007-03-08 | By J

Here is interesting stuff, yahoo just copies stuff from somebody's blog and then claims that it was done by their outsourcing organization.

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Govt to make TV firms share sports feeds

Here is a stupid government, rather than worrying about making sure people get their share of food, water, housing etc, they think providing them with sports feeds is in public interest. Here is a country where hundreds of millions of people are finding it difficult to find enough money for two square meals but they think their priority is sports broadcast.
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I am Vishnu and my wife Laxmi, claims man

So here is an interesting news item that I saw.
A man in Mumbai claiming to be â??godâ?? and wanting recognition of his â??divine statusâ?? failed to get the judicial endorsement he had sought.

The reason that court gave to reject the application was very interesting.


The Bombay High Court rejected 30-year-old Dharmendra Mishra's application, saying it was not in its jurisdiction to respond to his prayers.

The person pleaded with the court
I am Vishnu, Buddha, Christ. I know everything that goes around.
I should be given the reins of the country and the UN as he was god.

Now what I don't understand that if this person really knows everything that goes around, how did he not know that court are going to throw out his plea.

Strange world this is.

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