Saturday, March 24, 2007

The cricket world cup and Indian people

So finally the cricket world cup is over, for Indian atleast it is. I feel so happy that I did not get sucked into joining the bandwagon of people who wanted to fly to Caribbeans or buy a 52� plasma TV to watch the world cup or get a satellite connection.

Now what I fail the understand is the reaction of Indian fans. Ok, so we lost the world cup. It is not that we are a country of people who excel in everything. We are mediocre at best. Look at our great software Industry, it fixes bugs for rest of the world and survives by wage arbitrage and we call ourselves IT superpower.

I have also not seen anybody burning the effigies of hockey players, I think they are loosing matches of all variety since last couple of decades. Now people are saying that we should bring the young team out. Where is this young team?

Anyway, enough about cricket. I think I can watch F1 peacefully. There is no India so no need to feel bad. May the best driver win.

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