Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mainstream media goes nuts again

Today prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had a bypass surgery, the media was out trying to make a story of it, unfortunately there was not much of a story.

First Aajtak started with elections and how he will not be able to campaign. Then Headlines Today got to who has the nuclear button, then others went on with who will take decisions. Some channels started succession battle in UPA.
The best character was in the press conference where he asked a question that as per his information the surgery should have taken 5 hours why did it take so long, something must have gone wrong?
Finally in the evening when doctors said that PM can do some of his work in two weeks and most of his work in four weeks, one of the channels was showing a ticker saying, PM can do some of his work in four weeks.
God bless PM that these media idiots were not involved in medical decisions otherwise we would be in real trouble.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Entrepreneurial Indian

From 2008_12_28

See the entrepreneurial Indian. At the height of over 11000ft near the Ski resort in Auli, here is one guy running a multi-product venture. See for yourself, the assortment of products available. Click on the photo to get the real point where the picture was taken.