Saturday, January 22, 2005

A boring evening(before first break)

I am sitting in this extremely boring class which has something to do with commercial contracts. It is supposed to go on from 2:00PM to 7:30PM because the wierd professor missed two classes on his own.

He is trying to explain difference between sale and deemed sale and some other related nonsense.

It is almost 3:05, another 25 minutes to go before first break. Now this guy from infosys is asking some weird question and prof is going on about oyt-nonoyt and some constitution amendement and telephone is in his possession.

Now he is threatning the front bench in the class. Mercifully I am nicely in the back bench. Just now prof has mentioned that his friend is coming and will handle something.

This prof. smokes cigarettes which cost Rs. 69/- but my neighbour has told me that the prof has also mentioned that the cigarettes cost Rs. 95 in Taj hotel because of luxury tax and they are expected to come down after a day before yesterday supreme court order.

Lady from motorola just woke up in the last bench and the moron from spirituality class just walked in.

RFID fellow has just now made some wise-assed remark. Fantastic information, revolver does not require import license but requires license from police to own the revolver.

Professor has just gone to "Leader" and said that he wants to something illegal, somehow I feel he likes him.

Now he is giving some random speech about WTO and uganda.

Just when I was about to close this post, the funniest of sight, professor's cell phone is ringing and the low tech professor was really struggling with high technology.

Now he is sending somebody to department of economic affairs, chief economic advisor. Now is generally lamenting east asian tigers and I thought tigers are found only in India. Now he is talking about some promises that he has made to others.

Now he is explaining how is per capita income calculated. In nutshell take GNP and divide the GNP with janata and you get per capita income. He is saying that to increase GDP you should divorce your wife and make her your maid.

Monday, January 17, 2005

On a side note

Over the weekend I came across this interesting article written by one IIM Bangalore professor regarding ongoing situation where Tamil Nadu state government has arrested a seer on charges of murder.

I failed to understand the basic point that the writer wants to convey. Actually I have issues with the very first statement of the article i.e. "The arrest of the Kanchi Shankaracharya, Jayendra Saraswati, has shocked India."

The writer simply ignores the seriousness of the charges and the fact that one person has been killed.

I don't understand why do we need to give special treatment to this particular case when this is just a case of murder. If he did not commit it, he will be acquited.

This same writer would never write anything when hundreds of innocent individuals are harrassed by the police.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No point in quitting

I have decided to start an open source project seriously.

Genesis of this blog

Today I had my annual performance appraisal and at the end of it, the idea came to me about starting this blog. I had a three hours meeting where my boss was trying to put me one of those buckets and I was trying to push myself into buckets higher than where he was intending to put me.

Anyway, at the end of it, I learnt a lesson, when you fight with PHB irrespective of whether you win or lose, you get screwed. I would say that is a good lesson to be learnt for this new year.

Now I am thinking whether I should remain in this job or quit it. But more I think about it, it seems that PHBs are there everywhere.

Let's see how this year unfolds.