Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My geyser blew up

Six years ago I bought geysers with plastic casing. I was sold that as a high end product because it is more safe and works longer.

Today when I turned it on, it just blew up. Now geysers can blow up for many reasons and I don't think that itself is a huge issue (apart from the fact that it can hurt somebody, which it did not in my case), the geyser body caught fire.

The plastic started burning and very soon whole bathroom and bedroom was full of smoke.

I am sure there was some short-circuit but the power went off within a minute of me powering on the geyser so the there was no chance of persistent sparks that might have aggravated the fire. What is really surprising to me is the ease with which the geyser was burning.
Now I am thinking that may be the old style metal body geysers are better, atleast they would not catch fire and become an inferno in themselves.
Some more photos down below.



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