Friday, February 24, 2006

Google's doublespeak

Google has posted its testimony in US House committee on international relations on their official blog. I am kind of disappointed with their response to the committee. They sound so much like microsoft in their response.

This is the same google which will post maps of Indian defense installations in Google earth even though it is illegal to take those pictures. The maps of defense installations do not have anything to do with the freedom of speach crap. While in china because chinese government can arm twist them more, they would even agree to censor words like democracy.

Anyway it is their company, they are like another big US corporation who will do anything to increase their profits. "Don't be evil" was fine till the time it was making them money, now censoring is making them money.

This acceptance of google is just an eye opener for all the governments in the world that they can just ban google from their country and then google would accept all their demands.

May be this is the time to get a new search engine, Yahoo was no. 1 for 5-6 years, I think time is up for google. May be the next search engine should be hosted out of denmark.

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