Sunday, February 12, 2006

Iran saga continues

It seems today Chandrababu Naidu met Mulayam Singh Yadav and I caught a snippet of Chandrababu's statement after he came out of discussions with Mulayam Singh Yadav. I don't remember verbatim what he said but it seemed like he was claiming that India should have supported Iran on nuclear issue because India has a large Muslim population.

Also during the day, communists were going all around talking about putting the government in the dock in parliament over the Iran issue.

As I have posted earlier in my blog that I think India's vote on Iran issue was right and in national interest because of two reasons apart from the issue of nuclear energy cooperation with US.

  • If we vote in favor of Iran it makes our position untenable regarding our own nuclear status
  • Iran and Pakistan were cooperating in there nuclear program and I don't need to say that the sole reason for pakistan's nuclear program's existence is to use it some day against India.

I was doing some googling on this issue and I saw this article. I am quoting a paragraph from this article.

In an interview with CNN while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Musharraf said that it appeared Pakistani scientists might have sold nuclear secrets abroad for personal gains, but reiterated Islamabad's position that there was no official involvement. In PakistanÃ?Â?s covert nuclear programme which was given great autonomy and freedom some Pakistanis might have done it. Pakistan has begun questioning its nuclear scientists, including the father of its atomic bomb, Abdul Kadir Khan, after the U.N. nuclear agency began investigating possible links between the Pakistani and Iranian nuclear programmes. The investigation, launched in November, would be finished in "a few weeks", Musharraf told CNN.

I understand that
  • Chandrababu Naidu wants UPA government to fall so that he can become outside support to NDA
  • Mulayam Singh wants UPA government to fall so that he can save his chair in UP
  • Communists want UPA government to be in trouble because that way their chair in WB is secure, anyway they never cared about country otherwise they would not be blocking development of 30-50 crore indians for the sake of 2-3 crore government employees and blocking every economic policy initiative that aims at growth in employment levels.

What I fail to understand though, why is congress being so stupid. Why can't they just say enough is enough, go to hell and go for elections or let communists form the government with outside support from BJP. If they think they are doing decent job then people would elect them back otherwise they do not deserve to be in power anyway.

I have never seen in my life, opposition and parties supporting government worrying so much about foreign policy.

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