Thursday, February 2, 2006

Airport authority responds

Here is a comments that I received on my post regarding airport privatization from Airport Authority employees. It was posted in wrong thread.

Due to lack of a fair dialogue amongst the stakeholder, we face such grim situations. Many employee were badly brusied in the lathi charge.

Do visit

If Privatization is the mantra for all evil , then do investigate how many airports in the world are truly privatized & who is their management team.

Singapore , South Africa airports are managed by a professional dedicated Airport professionals . Why not in India ?

Ok, I give it to them that privatization is not an answer to everything. But I would have supported them if they had done same strike 5 years ago claiming that based on projections air traffic is going to increase manifold and government of India needs to modernize the airport. They never did that. Even the work that should be done by them (like cleaning the toilets etc) they do not do properly. In delhi airport you don't even get a chair to sit. In such conditions how can we expect them to modernize the airport. The fact is that airports need to be modernized because neither the government establishment (and that includes AAI) not capable of doing it nor they are interested in doing it.

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