Friday, February 18, 2011

What the hell is going on

Here is an interesting new item that I saw today on CNN IBN. The news item is actually a positive. Basically a mall guard saw another person dropping some money and returned it to him.
The incident occurred last Friday when designer Saurabh Sharma, after coming out of DT Mall, sat in his Gypsy right outside the complex.
"While sitting in my vehicle, I somehow dropped Rs 60,000 that I was carrying in the denomination of Rs 1,000. As I moved away from the complex, the security guard Ram Ashish appeared to have noticed that I had dropped something. Later, I saw him following my vehicle. I stopped and found that he wanted to return the cash which I had dropped there," said Sharma.

My problem with this story is little different. Who really carries Rs. 60,000/- in his pocket, drops it and does not even notice it. Even in Rs. 1000/- notes, 60K is lot of notes that can not just slip out. It seems to be that some people just have too much money and really don't miss it at all.

Anyway, who am I to talk about it.

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