Monday, February 21, 2011

How stupid can people get

This is a really interesting new item. Just goes on to show that even people in position of power can be totally stupid.
A computer expert was paid more than 13 million pounds (about $21 million) after he fooled the CIA that he developed software to stop Al Qaeda attacks, a media report said

Looks like that CIA did not ask any questions to this so called expert. How the software will stop terrorist attacks etc. They just blindly believed him.
Officials were so convinced by Dennis Montgomery that, acting on a tip-off from him, former president George Bush ordered passenger jets flying from London to be turned back over the Atlantic amid fears they were being hijacked, Daily Mail reported Sunday.

There was even talk of shooting down the jets because it was feared the 'hijackers' would crash them into US targets in 2003.

And as usual when they were proved to be stupid, they hid under the excuse of confidentiality.
But an inquiry by The New York Times has revealed him as a fraud and, it is claimed, court documents that would prove the software failed are being kept secret by the US Justice Department to prevent embarrassment to spy chiefs.

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