Monday, March 6, 2006

Rot in the Indian Society

Here is an extremely disturbing news. Now this guy is probably part of top 1% of Indian population in terms of his earning but still he and his family is so greedy that for an amount that is probably less than his annual salary, he is ready to do these things.

I am not passing judgement whether he is really killed his wife or not, but the fact that even after marriage, he is demanding money itself is sickening. The worst part is that this keeps on happening but still people don't learn. What were parents of the girl thinking? Actually the quote from girl's father sums up the state of society.
As I was busy with the wedding of my third daughter, I expressed inability to raise the amount at such a short notice. I pleaded with them to bear with me and sought more time to meet their unreasonable demand.
The most bizzare part is that he himself mentions in his quote that the demand was unreasonable. I would say apart from both the parties sharing genuine marriage expenses and mutual and equal exchange of gifts every damn thing is unreasonable. If only he had filed this complaint when his daughter was still alive we would not see this day.

I can only hope, Bangalore police would do better than what Delhi police did in Jesica Lal case and the guy and family would be punished swiftly.

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