Monday, March 27, 2006

A new hope

Although I am very pessimistic about thing improving on corruption front, here is an interesting news item that kind of makes one think that may be things can improve.

The story mentions that one auditor was transferred within an year of his posting and an organization asked why he was transferred using newly inacted right to infromation act.
Days after More was transferred, on February 17, Pandurang Bhau Karanjakar of the Brashtachar Nirmulan Samiti filed a request under the RTI Act, asking the cooperatives department why More had been transferred barely a year after he was appointed in the district.

The department responded saying that they had to transfer him because people pressurised the department.
In this transfer case, there were many requests made, both in writing and orally, by local representatives. Based on this the transfer was considered,� states the reply, adding that the department is inundated by such requests everyday and is under pressure to oblige them.

The funny part is that one of the persons who requested (pressurized) was the person who was being investigated by the auditor.

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