Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too much of a good thing

I have heard a lot about Kota IIT coaching institutes, finally it looks like happy story is going to end.
Virtually all coaching classes in Kota, including the popular Resonance, were started by former faculty at Bansal Classes. And now, seven teachers from Resonance, including three heads of department (HoDs), have formed a brand new coaching class called Rise.
It is also very interesting to see the reaction of the students to the whole story.
Arpit and Rishabh said they were willing to forgo the Rs 76,000 they had paid to Resonance as "money wasn't the main concern while preparing for IIT-JEE".
I have always believed that education is the mother of all business opportunities in India, but this just proves it further, students are willing to forgo Rs. 76,000/-, it may not be a fortune but still a lot of money.

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