Thursday, June 18, 2009

IPL, Fatigue and Mccullum

Indian cricket team's coach mentioned that IP fatigue could be one of the reasons of the team's pathetic show in WT20. Everybody seems to have pounced upon him. I believe what he says does have sense. There never seemed to be any sense of coordination in the team, most of the people were not 100% fit and both of these were major reasons of our defeat and could be caused by IPL's excessing cricket too close to the world cup.

Anyway, people may agree or disagree with the coach but the interesting comment came back from Mccullum. He said that the fatigue theory is rubbish. I can understand that. Only those people would be fatigued who were doing hardword. Mccullum, who lead KKR actually were passengers so for them it was really a jolly ride and that is probably one of the reasons he believes that fatigue can't be the reason of team's bad performance.

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