Friday, June 12, 2009

Calorie Burning modern style

I stay in an apartment complex where the clubhouse is located some 100mtrs from the residential block. As usual the clubhouse provider a decent gym and many people make use of it. Here are some interesting things that I observed that make life interesting.

  • A significant percent of clubhouse users actually drive in their cars from residence parking to clubhouse parking. As I have mentioned earlier, this distance is no more than 100 mtrs. In this distance these gentlemen (ladies) floor the accelerators of their cars, start honking when they are atleast 50mtrs from the clubhouse so that the security opens the gate and then don't have to slow down. Makes for a sight more thrilling then a F1 race start. Only doubt I have that most probably the car is burning more calories then the users of the gym.

  • Even though lockers have been provided for people to put stuff when they are using gym equipment, it is not uncommon to see a IT style conference call going on while people are running on treadmill.

Anyway, all this makes walking to clubhouse really interesting.

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