Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Media losing grip again

Here is an interesting news article. Everybody agrees that it is next to impossible to guess whether a movie will be successful or not. Here the media just proclaims that the movie will be a bigger success then another successful movie.
Aamir Khan's â??Ghajiniâ?? is expected to set a record of sorts. While the promotion of the film kick-started during Diwali, the Indian distributors have decided to go that extra mile and ensure that the biggies rakes in big moolah when it opens during the Christmas week.

They claim that this is because of the fact that the movie is being released with a very large number of prints. If that were to be true, why doesn't everybody just release a very large number of prints.
While â??Singh Is Kingâ?? was released with 1,050 prints [physical and digital] in India,â??Ghajiniâ?? will have close to 1,200 prints in circulation in India alone.

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