Saturday, September 27, 2008

Types of drivers

I have been driving four wheelers for around 10 years and I have observed multiple type of behaviours from other drivers on traffic signals. Here I am listing down multiple types of drivers that I have seen.

  • The most common variety of drivers that I have seen is the group of people who never stop at a traffic signal. The only way these people stop on signal if the car infront of them stops otherwise they will never been seen first at a red light.

  • The second variety is which will always stop at a signal (irrespective of it being red or green). They stop for a random amount of pre-defined time and drive on. They don't care what is the colour of light. They think they have done their duty if they stopped for some time.

  • The third variety of the people who will never stop on their own and they will even honk if they are stuck behind somebody who "unfortunately" follows traffic rules.

  • An then their are auto drivers..

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