Friday, September 30, 2005

Random thoughts about Indian Cricket Team

I just don't get the BCCI, First they go around proclaiming the fact that they want Indian cricket team to do well and hence do the tamasha of potential coaches being interviewed under the glare of TV channels etc and when they hire the coach and he tells them that the reason that Indian cricket team is not winning is because of their beloved captain, they claim that it is a miscommunication.

Do these guys think that we all are just a bunch of morons. In fact somebody should ask them why did they hire a coach if he can't even communicate properly and if he can communicate properly why don't they fire the captain.

But then that is asking for too much.

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  1. Today I was thinking the same and I don't blame the coach as he is new to the job. Negative comments on Ganguly keep pouring from far corners. The cricket board is corrupted by people like Dalmia. So, as long as an honest, forthright person like the current coach is in the team, rusty brushings like the current one will be a common one.