Friday, September 30, 2005

Public Sector Undertakings in India and Strike Culture

Yesterday was an all india strike called by communist supported unions in Airport and other government undertakings. Some thoughts came to my mind at the end of the day.

  • The strike further validated the fact that these places need to privatized. A very small number of people are currently able to take the whole country at ransom and for communists who claim that airport privatization is a security risk, I think this behaviour is a bigger security risk.
  • Other funny thing that I observed that absolutely random group of people supporting this strike, I read some where that auto unions and farmer's unions are supporting this strike, I don't understand what is the point of this. How come privatizing of airport is really hurting farmers and auto drivers.
  • I also read that income tax officers in Delhi and other metro were on strike in support of Airport Unions, again I don't get the point of it.
  • The best case is west bengal where the communist party claimed that the striked was not supported by their party but by the unions supported by their party.
Again It seems that they think that aam aadmi is fool.

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  1. Due to lack of a fair dialogue amongst the stakeholder, we face such grim situations. Many employee were badly brusied in the lathi charge.

    Do visit

    If Privatization is the mantra for all evil , then do investigate how many airports in the world are truly privatized & who is their management team.

    Singapore , South Africa airports are managed by a professional dedicated Airport professionals . Why not in India ?