Friday, July 7, 2017

A story of Indian Masalas

As I woke up today, received a WhatsApp forward from one of my friends with following picture.
It just sounded bizarre. The very first things that I did was to search it myself and I found that the image is accurate. This is what Google returns. The first question that came to my mind, is it a problem with google's algorithm or there is something else. So just to be sure, I decided to do the same search in other search engines.




It is clear, all the search engines, at least the prominent ones give out the same results. This seems to be the reality of the internet. This is the problem I have with proponents of things like AI. You can create an alternative reality if nobody is paying attention to.
Content available on the internet as it is crawled by all the search engines gives this impression. If you are looking at North Indian Masalas, it is predominantly showing you spices while when you look for South Indian masalas, it is showing pictures of ladies. Unfortunate but that's the problem with algorithms, it is so easy to mislead them and create an alternate reality for them.

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