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Mahatma Gandhi Assassination: Excerpts from case diary

Interesting, even in the aftermath of Mahatma's assasination, the police departments seem to be fighting turf wars.

I again explained the full facts of Karkare before Mr. Nagarwala, and also I told Mr. Nagarwala that Madan Lai accused had stated that one of the ac­cused was the editor of the Agirni or Hindu Rashtarya newspaper, he was of sallow complexion aged 33/34, 5/6" in height and it is not known to him whether he is of Bombay or Poona. Besides these two, I had stated the des­cription of three Maharatas and one Raja Sahib. Their description was explain­ed by mc to Mr. Nagarwala. About the editor Hindu Rashtarya or Agirni and Karkare, special request was made that they have been named by their co-accused, therefore, they should be arrested first so that we may be able to get the clue of the others from them.

22-1-1948, 11.30 a.m. : Mr. Nagarwala stated that his information is that there are more persons in this party. This party is of about 25 persons, all are responsible for this conspiracy. Special arrangements for the arrest of Karkare have been made in Bombay and in Poona [and] Ahmednagar. About the other suspects, they have located three or four at present, but our scheme is to first locate all, and then their arrest will be carried out. If at present we will arrest three or four from them, by doing this we will not succeed in the arrest of others.
About Ahmednagar, he said that he will accompany us, when he will get the information, but you should not go there now. He then sent for Mr. Kargaonkar, Inspector CID, Bombay, who came inside his office. He ordered his Inspector to arrange for our lodging at a place where nobody can know about our arrival. He also instructed us not to give our Delhi address in the hotel's register and in our presence, he contacted one police officer on phone at Ahmednagar and also got New Delhi. Immediate trunk call booked, for DIG, CID Poona. He also said that he would first consult the H.M., Bombay, and then he will take further action against the accused.
22-1-1948, 2 p.m. : At this time we reached the house of Inspector Mr. Kargaonkar, CID, Bombay, with our kits, and stayed in one room in the said Inspector's flat.
22-1-1948, 4 p.m. : At this time we reached the CID Office, Bombay, and Inspector, CID, Bombay, said that your presence here is not required; so we returned to his house and reached his house.
22-1-1948, 7.30 p.m. : At this time, Mr. Kargaonkar, Inspector of Police, CID, Bombay, with Deputy Inspector and Sub-Inspector came back to his house and he said that they had located few suspects, and had deputed their police for the other suspects, who are not located as yet. He is definite that they will succeed in tracing all the suspects.
For Karkare and the editor of Agirni or Hindu Rashtarya newspaper, he said that one Inspector of Police from Ahmednagar is coming tomorrow and will come to know about those two and then will arrange for their arrests.
22-1-1948, 8 pm.: We slept at Inspector CID** Bombay house. Case Diary prepared and kept.

Sd. Jaswant Singh DSP 

Attested : True translation ot CD. dated 22-1-J943.
Jaswant Singh DSP

FIR No 40 dated 20-1-1948
U/S 4/5 Explosive Act, P S Tughlak Road.
Writer : DSP Jaswant Singh.
Written at : Bombay.


Reference Case Diary dated 22-1-43, I submit that at this time I with Malik Bal Kishan, Inspector, Delhi, and Mr. Kargaonkar, Inspr. CID, Bombay, reached the CID Office, Bombay, and met Mr. Nagarwala who gave lists of passengers who left Bombay for Delhi From 13-1-1948 to 20-1-1948 and said that he was going for an urgent work, he would be coming back within no time and would give further instructions.

I have gone through thtse statements and nothing fruitful comes to my notice at present.

Mr. Kargaonkar, Inspr. CID, Bombay, informed us that Inspr. of Police from Ahmednagar had arrived and he had been sent back again, by the D. C. Mr Nagarwala with special instruction. Karkare is not there. Inspector of Police, Ahmednagar, has been ordered to search the editor required in this case; CID, Bombay, has also received similar orders about the search of editor of Agrini or Hindu Rashtarya newspaper.

At this time, I enquired about the previous history of Karkare from Inspector of Police, Bombay, and requested him to give me some idea of his information about the culprits of this case.

On this, Inspector CID, Bombay, said that Karkare's full name is V. R. Karkare who is a proprietor of the Deccan Guest House, Ahmednagar. He is a prominent worker of the Hindu Mahasabha and a social worker. He used to go to refugees in Chambor Camp. His connections are with the big leaders or the H M.S. [Hindu Mahasabha]

The following arc his co-accused and associates :

  1. Mr Badge of Poona, a worker of the H.M.S.
  2. Autar Singh, Punjabi Sikh of Amritsar (now proprietor, Sher-Punjab Hotel, Bombay). He is the man who supplies arms and arranges for the collection of arms. He is under arrest and was in jail before this occurrence.
  3. Mr. Talwar of Karachi now in Bombay.
  4. Mr. Balraj Mehta of Lahore (now Shivaji Park, Bombay).

    All the above persons are workers of the H.M.S. and they often work with Karkare in such matters. And the Inspector hesitated to give further details.
      23-1-1948, 12-30 p.m. : At this time, D.C., Bombay, arrived in the office, and he said that he is doing his best for the arrest of these suspects, and further remarked that I am not required here at present; when required, he will call me, and he ordered that I should go back to Delhi. At this stage, again a request was made that according to our accused's statement, Karkare and the editor of Agirni or Hindu Rashtarya are named in his statement, and if they are arrested, they should be sent to Delhi. He agreed. Further the D.C. Bombay instructed us that at our arrival in Delhi I should inform the Bombay Police about the further development from the statement of Madan Lal accused.
        At this time a brief note on this case with the name and description of the accused wanted in this case was handed over to the Inspector CID, Bombay. A request was made again that he should inform us about the arrest of Karkare and the editor of Agirni and he will arrange to send them to Delhi.
          23-1-1948, 3 p.m.: We left Bombay by train.
            Sd. Jaswant Singh 
              Note: 24-1-1948: Arrived at Delhi. Case Diary prepared and kept 24-1-1948.
                Jaswant Singh 
                  Attested : True translation of CD. dated 23-1-1948.
                    Jaswant Singh 

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