Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Law is an ass (continued)

Another interesting twist to my post yesterday. The guy was declared as alive yesterday by the courts, today the family has hit back saying that he is not the same guy but impostor.

But his family, including his wife and sons — Baljit, Prabhjot and Jagjit — and daughter Sarbjit Kaur, refuse to accept him so and have filed an appeal to challenge the decision. Nasib has alleged that the person, who won the case in Rajpura court, is not her husband, but "another man, who is impersonating as her husband``

Read more: Family challenges man`s claim of being 'alive', call him 'impersonator'

I only hope that they will not another 12 years to decide this. A simple DNA test should resolve this issue. If he has kids, the DNA test could prove if these were his kids. Also if he is an Air Force officer, they must be having some kind of record, atleast finger prints etc.

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