Thursday, November 5, 2009

A school, buses and traffic police

As I went to the school today, I found that there were no buses that are generally parked on the street. On enquiring, I found that traffic police has told that no bus can stop on that road before 3 PM. The school closes at 2:50 PM.
So now here is a situation where all the buses don't have a place to stop and are going in circles on that road. Then the school bell rang and all the kids came running out and all of a sudden there is complete mess since the busses are still not there and kids have no clue where to go.
So here is a traffic jammed road with hundreds of kids on road and tens of vehicles honking behind buses that are trying to park themselves next to the road. All this because traffic police decide that buses can only park from 3 PM in place of earlier time of around 2:40 PM.

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