Saturday, October 10, 2009

I saw an ass today

I have always maintained that there should be a professional certification for parenting and only after that people should be allowed to procreate. Every now and then I see examples that makes view stronger on this. Something similar happened today.
I went to the gym for my usual exercise routine and a father and a son (a kid of approximately 8-9 years walked in). The kid was playing tennis and father called him to join him in gym. The gym instructor also advised him that too much of formal exercise is not good for small children.
Then the drama started, Father pushed the kid on to the treadmill and started it at a speed, the kid started running. After around a minute, the kid is begging and pleading the dad that he wants to get off the machine but the father is not listening. It went on for around 5 minutes and then finally the kid jumped off the machine.
Then the father asked the kid to do push ups. The kid is not able to do push ups and father is reprimanding him and forcing him to push ups.
It went on for quite some time before both of them pushed off. I am sure this is not really the way to inculcate physical fitness in kids.Anyway, just my rant, who am I to say anything about peoples' parenting skills.

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