Tuesday, March 3, 2009

India's horrible neighborhood

As I watch this news update by the NDTV and The Times of India, I come to know that Sri Lankan cricket team has been attacked with guns (probably grenades etc. as well). This again brings out the fact that we live in extremely dangerous neighborhood. Our neighbor have just descended into anarchy. If the country's security apparatus can not guard a cricket team which, everybody knows, is under threat, then one can only assume that there is not control in the hands of police/military.

I have always believed that societies would have to pay for ignoring troublesome elements in their midst. I think it is about time that societies that harbor dangerous elements are asked, they either need to get rid of these elements or they have to pay the price for letting these elements exist.

Hopefully the world will realize, what India has veen saying for all these days and do something about it. But I know that everybody is looking after their short term gains and unless this problem becomes their problem, nobody is bothered.

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