Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Interesting essay

Here is an interesting essay. It just is not interesting enough in english, so I am re-producing it in Hindi.

ए� �र�ब �म�र ल��� �� स्��ल म�� �र�ब परिवार पर निब�ध लि�न� �� �हा �या। �सन� निब�ध �ु� �स तरह स� लि�ा।
ए� �र�ब परिवार था। पिता �र�ब, माता �र�ब, ब�्�� �र�ब। परिवार म�� �ार न��र थ�, वह भ� �र�ब थ�। ए� �ार थ� वह भ� ���� हु� �ा�ा स�ार� थ�। �न�ा �र�ब ड्रा�वर ब�्��� �� ���� �ार म�� स्��ल ��� �र �ता था। ब�्��� �� पास भ� पुरान� N-95 म�बा�ल फ�न थ�। �र म�� सिर्� �ार स����ड-ह��ड एस� थ�। सारा परिवार ब�� मुश्�िल स� ऐश �र रहा था।

Let me take a stab at translating this one, just not as interesting as the hindi version.
The teacher asked a rich girl to write an essay on "A poor family". Here is how she went.

Once upon a time there was a poor family. The father was poor, mother was poor and children were also poor. The family had four servants and all of them were poor. The car was a old broken Tata Safari. Their driver used to drive the children to school in the old safari. Children also had old N-95 phones. The house had only four second hand ACs. The whole family was finding very hard to enjoy life.

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