Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ram Sethu

There seems to be a whole lot politics going around the Ram Sethu. I am not sure if it was made by vanar sena or somebody else. But I think the fact that we want to clean-it up is bizzare.

Even Archeological Survey of India which filed the affidavit that resulted in the political mess, agrees to following.
The Rameshwaram island evolved approximately 1,25,000 years Before Present.

The Dhanushkodi sand pit appears to be a feature of coastal processes and shoreline emergence and its orientation appears to be along the dissipation of wave energy patters of Palk Bay and Gulf of Manor.

Now my point is that keeping aside the fact of it being built during the time of Rama or not, this is a extremely old structure/formation. That fact itself should be used to not-destroy it but rather develop it as some kind of tourism attraction. If you really see, Grand Canyon is just a large hole in ground but they do not go around filling it.

I think the whole direction of debate it misplaced. Irrespective of the fact, who build it, something that is so old should not be allowed to be destroyed by some people who are hell bent on doing it because of ego.

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