Friday, July 6, 2007

Decline of a restaurant

There used to be this great eating place called Ramana's on Cunningham road on Bangalore. I always liked it very much and quality and taste of food there used to phenomenal.

I used to visit them regularly and then for last six months or so I did not get a chance to go to that part of town. Yesterday I again visited them and to my dismay, the quality of food was really poor to average. It was really sad to see another good restaurant go down the path of so many other in Bangalore.

I don't understand why that happens, every restaurant eventually degenerates itself into a shanthi sagar. May be it is the oft-repeated business model of every software company trying to degenerate itself into an sweat shop.

Anyway, one less place to choose from if you just want good food and nothing fancy.


  1. South Indies ( on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar is a excellent vegetarian restaurant. You can try their buffet lunch or a la carte dinner. If you like south Indian food, this is a very good place to try.

  2. Yes, I have been to south indies once. It was good. The only problem being that parking is a major issues at most times.