Monday, June 18, 2007

Is organized retail about choice

After the organized retail started spreading in India in big way, one of the point in the favor of these guys was that it is all about choice. I liked them to start with but slowly I am finding that it is not really about giving choice to consumer but taking away from them.
I regularly shop with Food Bazaar, Food World, Spencers but the experience has been deteriorating over last few years. Now a days I shop with Food Bazaar and I find them concerned least about the end customer. I understand their need to negotiate the price with the manufacturers in order to give a good price to end customer but every now and then I find that some brands are unavailable with them and one of the reasons that I find from media is that they could not negotiate the price and hence they don't stock those goods.

  • Last year they had stopped stocking Head and Shoulder shampoo

  • Early this year, dawat basmati rice is missing from their shelves

  • For last some weeks Lays potato chips are missing from their shelves

I would say that they need to fix themselves. They could tag goods where they are able to get a better price with something like "Best Buy" but they need to keep everything in their shop. I may not really be interested in the cheap priced, cheap quality stuff that they have in stock.
I think it is time to go back to neighborhood store.

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