Friday, December 1, 2006

Tendulkar's performance

So there were some more discussion on Tendulkar's performance. So went around digging around some data. The biggest complain that I have heard that Tendulkar does not play when it matters. I do not understand the meaning of this statement. But I tried to analyze it in my own way.

See the chart. This is Tendulkar's average against all the teams in first inning matches.

First inning averages

From this chart it is very clear that Tendulkar's average score is better against almost all the teams when Indian team wins, from this I would conclude that he plays better when Indian team wins or Indian team wins when he plays.

See the next chart from second inning data

Second inning average

Again the second inning score averages prove the same point. At this stage people question that no he does not play better when India chases a big score. See the next chart.

Comparison across innings

That impression does seem to be true to some extent. When India wins while chasing a score, Tendulkar's average is lower than when India wins while batting first. But even average of Tendulkar is not really bad even when India in chasing.

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