Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sun, Innovation and Business sense

Around one and half years back I saw this cool video where Jonathan Schwartz (I assume I spelt it right) showed off this new technology called looking glass. There were many things that were cool about it but what I found most useful was 3D windows. As a developer I always face the problem of having hundreds of windows open and could never find out what was happening.

I subscribed to the looking glass mailing list hoping that someday I would be able to replace gnome or KDE or windows with looking glass. I got two emails in last one and half years and I assumed that the project is dead or not viable.

Now I see this new item. It seems to be very similar to 3D window idea that looking glass had. Now I fail to understand if it was not viable how could microsoft do it.

At times it looks like sun's hatred of Richard Stallman & Co. is more profound then willingness to make money.

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